Welcome to BIMSALABIM!

BIMSALABIM is a collaboration between the construction federations and the education community in the Nordic countries.

BIMSALABIM will provide knowledge and examples about BIM in construction. Our focus is on using BIM in planning and executing works at the construction site.

The members of this project will contibute to BIMSALABIM with links and examples in order to show students and others how BIM can be succesfully used in a construction project.

The target groups for this website – BIMSALABIM.org, are students, teachers and researchers. The website will continuously be developed – as we hope the use of BIM at the construction site will!

logo_BIM_AllianceFor teachers there is also a possibility to join the network “BIM Akademin”, hosted by BIM Alliance Sweden.
By sharing teaching experiences between teachers the students will be well prepared for their new professions and their future work within a modern building industry.

The power of BIM

One of many information videos on YouTube that gives us a brief picture of the potential of BIM:

At BIMSALBIM you will be able to:

  • watch and learn more abot BIM for the construction site.
  • contribute with own experiences, articles or questions.

BIM for Construction to Students

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