BIM Benefits

With the right input data at the beginning of the construction project there will be many possible ways to use the BIM outputs at the construction site. There is also expected to be better possibilities in saving both money and human lives by better planning and previsualisation of the works.

Some of the advantages by using BIM in a larger scale at constructions sites are expected to be:

  • better planned and safer transport of both people and building materials at the site a safer working place in general, by better planning possibilities and communication possibilities already by planning the site and preparing the different construction works
  • by visualisation and simulation the communication between construction staff is likely to be improve;   by lower risk of misunderstandings and quality losses as well as a minimum risk of clashes when the staff better prepared and all share the same “picture”
  • an overall higher efficiency in use of materials, human resources, vehicles and machinery


However, user must keep in mind that BIM isnt a “quick fix” where human beeing earlier has failed. The use of BIM in construction project still needs a high level of knowledge and planning. Actually, the BIM process requires more preplanning and a well prepared input data to be as useful att the constrution site as we´ll like.

I order to get full efficiency and all the expected advantages, by using BIM, it´s necessary to:

  • have the correct information about how input data should be used at the very beginning of the project.
  • all changes and updates will be done immediately
  • communication about the use of the BIM model, f ex must users at the building site know if and when the actual BIM output is ready to be applicated on construction works.
The outcome of a BIM model depends on the input strategy

Most problems to be solved occurs in the early process of planning and drawing. For the contractor it is essential that the project mamangement and the consulting engineers is aware of the use of the BIM model at the construction, Architechts and consultants need to know (learn) how to performe the input data to make the most useful BIM model for the construction site.

A study by Skanska, Sweden, focuses on this demands and how to set the level of input details in an early stage of a  BIM process: DETALJERINGSNIVÅ I BIM (Skanska/SBUF)


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