BIM konferens i Barcelona 12-13 februari

Stor BIM-konferens i Barcelona


Den 12-13 februari 2015 äger European BIM Summit rum i Barcelona.

Konferensen har fokus på BIM och deltagare från hela Europa.

Från hemsidan:


First-hand experience and practical debates

Full sessions of talks, workshops, visits, new services and new companies all based on BIM, with 3 top-level speakers per session, paradigm case studies and workshops about applications (contractors, software…).

The presentations will be in english and spanish simultaneous translation will be available.


► First-hand knowledge.  The speakers chosen are all benchmark professionals in their field.
► Hands-on. Precise tools for redirecting your practice-office-firm-administration and your production models.
► Hybridization between disciplines. Aimed at professionals, experts, developers, lawyers, research, civil servants.
► A smart city needs smart buildings that are constructed efficiently. New smart building engineers, industry, maintenance officers, project and site managers, institutions that stamp, certify and assist, property firms—everyone is invited.

Läs mer: European BIM Summit 

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