Quotes about BIM Benefits

Two internet quots among hundreds about the benefits in using BIM

In summary, the benefits to a Contractor can be described as:

  • Design Integration
  • Improved Tendering
  • Shorter Programme to Planning
  • Reduced number of design information requests during the concurrency of the project
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Reduction in number of clashes within the construction process, especially M&E
  • Visibility of Programming to all parties
  • Integration of Temporary Works into the design
  • Increased safety-managing public interfaces
  • Aid to client decision making
Källa: BIM – A Contractors Perspective 

10 BIM benefits:

  • Better outcomes through collaboration
  • Enhanced performance
  • Optimised solutions
  • Greater predictability
  • Faster project delivery
  • Reduced safety risk
  • Fits first time
  • Reduced waste
  • Whole life asset management
  • Continual improvement

Källa: http://www.mottmac.com/bimbenefits/

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